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Worlds First Automated Ad Budget Protection

Losing money is frustrating

Adsurance effectively detects and blocks all money wasting click fraud.

There’s a strong possibility that more than one-third of your digital advertising dollars are being spent on fraudulent clicks*.
Adsurance’s click fraud protection software can stop fraudulent activity so you can focus on real customers that boost your profits and conversions.

* Adage.com clickfraud study 2015.

Clickfraud Protection

Click fraud will waste 30% of PPC advertisers budget in 2019. Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget.
Adsurance Google Ads click fraud protection software will exclude invalid IPs and block fake clicks. This will boost your campaigns and allow you to acquire more customers.

Click fraud was estimated to cost advertisers over $16 Billion in 2017, and if you run PPC campaigns this includes you.

Our award winning automated software stops this immediately & protects your future campaigns. We’re so confident you’ll love it we offer a 30 day free trial, no questions asked.

404 Protection

More than 12% of all clicks ends up on non-existant pages; the dreaded 404-page.

If you’ve got an ecommerce site, more than 1 out of every 10 backlinks to your website points to a 404 page.That’s potentially throwing nearly 10% (or more!) of your ad spend right out the window. Even if you aren’t running paid campaigns, that’s a healthy chunk of referral traffic that now has a negative impression of your company.

Out Of Stock Protection

Products sell out or get discontinued all the time. However, it’s imperative to remove urls from your feed when a product no longer becomes available.

Based on the average Google Shopping CPC, that’s loosing $0.71 every time a user clicks on out of stock products.

Adsurance automatically updates your feed and pause your shopping ads, saving your ad budget towards products on stock.

Downtime Protection

When your network or applications unexpectedly fail or crash, IT downtime can have a direct impact on your bottom line and ongoing business operations. In some extreme cases, data and monetary losses from unplanned outages can even cause a company to go out of business.


Adsurance alerts you and pause all your PPC campaigns.